Welcome to the "home page" of Synkrotron. I am an amateur composer. I mainly create MIDI music using mostly VST instruments nowadays, although I do still have my Roland JP-8000, Novation Nova and Oberheim OB-12. More recently my son and I have invested in a Eurorack modular system and you will find some experimentations and the odd full piece here. I sometimes create "Happy Music" although, at the moment, I appear to going through an "ambient" phase. Sometimes light, sometimes dark. I have also been know to record the odd guitar lead too and I like incorporating guitar in my ambient works. I suppose I should mention my main influences, which include Tangerine Dream, early Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Ian Boddy, to name but a few. And I should thank the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for introducing me to electronic music all those years ago.